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Building a Special Space-Themed Garden

We lost Daniel's brother David in January.

He was the youngest of the three brothers, and not really who you'd expect to go first, despite a host of medical issues. It was a very quick and very shocking loss for us.

As I usually do when we lose someone, I start planning a garden in their honor. David had worked for NASA since college, apparently convincing them to give him a work-study scholarship while he was actually still in college, because he had no desire to ever work for anyone else. He worked on ISS systems and he adored his job. Therefore, David's theme will obviously be space, and all the science fiction/fantasy influences he loved.

The building process will take some time, as we plan to cut down an existing, albeit not doing so well tree to use as the centerpiece. A metal rocket will be mounted on a post in the center of the tree stump. The plantings around the tree will start first, and begin as soon as our last frost date passes.

I've done a massive amount of research into appropriately named flowers and plants, and thought it might be nice to share the list here for others who have the same impetus. (Purchase sources are provided where available, but they will be strictly anecdotal as we haven't necessarily purchased from them ourselves.)


African Marigold - Moonlight



Zinnia - Meteor

Blazing Star

Rocket Larkspur

Foxglove - Excelsior

Dame's Rocket


Ashwood Rings of Saturn

Borg Technology

Evidence of Aliens

George Jets On

Gold Pressed Latinum

Mal (I choose to believe this is named for Serenity's captain)

Time Lord

Double Star Trek

Spock's Ears

Emerging From Warp Speed

First Officer's Log


Romulan Defector

Vulcan Logic

Space Jam

Rocket Blast

Beam Me Up

Red Nova

JEDI series (there's honestly so many of these)

Photon Torpedo

Don't Panic

Empire Strikes Back

Alpha Centauri

Computer Virus

Lost in Space

Life on Bajore

Life on Mars

Across the Galaxy

Cloaking Device


Unidentified Flying Object

Star of Kryptonite

Galaxy Quest

Starman's Quest

Stargate Explosion

Across The Universe

Alien Encounter


Empire Returns

Final Frontier

Laser Blade

Orbital Odyssey

Alternate Universe

Beyond Pluto

Planet Max

Rocket Booster

Solar Fire

Seven of Nine

Stargate Portal

Starman's Gift

Starman's Quest

Flying Saucer Blues

Intergalactic Interlude

Mr. Spaceman

Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Not of this World


Robot Blues

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

Stippled Starship

Prime Directive


Whirlpool Galaxy

Army of Darkness

Alien Invader

Creature of the Night

Swamp Creature

Once Around the Sun

Rocky Horror

Ferengi Gold

Wild Wookie

Lord of (the) Rings

Martian Moon

Klaatu Barada Nikto

Galaxy Explosion

Cardassian Border

Spock Sun

Outer Space

Buzz Lightyear

The Trouble With Tribbles

Gamma Quadrant

Tholian Web

Other Plants

Hosta "Giantland Tribble"

Hosta "Enterprise"

Hosta "Starship Enterprise"

Hosta "Captain Kirk"

Clematis "Copernicus"

Please let me know any others you might run across and I'll add them to the list!

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